The Resonance of Eorzea

Friday, August 14, 2009

Eorzea, Aldenard, Hydaelyn...

First post on my new blog regarding Hydaelyn and everything FFXIV. Of course the first post should be a massive intoduction into this new wonderful world from Square Enix and the three screenies above are the earliest shots of the three main starter cities.   While this is far from the best FFXIV blog out there, I shall do my humble best within time constrictions to post up as much info and details regarding this truely stunning MMORPG.

Getting right to the initial information presently available on the official website, there are apparently five remaining main city-states remaining in Eorzea (there were initially SIX prior to the invasion by the Garlean Empire).   The first three are the ones listed in the blog-post below and the fourth is seemingly named "Ishgard"  (which we presently know nothing of as just yet).

The fifth city is also still a mystery and I'll go out and tentatively state that it could possibly be a "sky" kinda city-state... perhaps it's home to the Gria, those little Lalafell-looking race but with horns. Or perhaps it's a city where a sentinent race of intelligent dragons reside.... or maybe the gods themselves.

However, I'm getting waaaaaaaay too ahead of myself so without much ado, lets head over to the main FFXIV official website and glean all the additional info available.

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