The Resonance of Eorzea

Friday, September 11, 2009

The City-States: Baroque, Venetian, Art Nouveau, Ancient Eastern and High Gothic themes?

I took a course last semester called History of Architecture... (the topic has such a massively broad scope that I actually still have to take the second part next Fall)... and recently found myself observing certain elements of 12th to 18th century style of architecture in the Eorzean city-states.

Ul'Dah is undenaibly very high-end Neo-Baroque, and not only is Baroque one of my favourite styles but it's also been one of the core themes of several of Square Enix games.   What is breathtaking about the image is how there is an undeniable touch of ancient Eastern architecture blended into the baroque stylizations... perhaps its that massive azure dome?  The image looks as if perhaps Bernini went into super, crack-induced overdrive and just created the quintesscial urban baroque city gilded with some Turkish-Ottoman minarets.

Next is Limsa Lominsa, which I already like to call "The Venice of Eorzea".   The fact that it's a place that sits atop several tiny islands show how carefully Square Enix developers researched their landsacapes:  and it definitely brings to mind the distinct elements of high Venetian and Palladian architecture (more of a high renaissance style but the elongated spiral rooftops also denote some Gothic themes).  

Lastly, Gridania... (image that I currently use at the top of my blog page xD)... do I also see some undeniably high-end "Art Nouveau" (with slightly High-Gothic elements) in there?  The extensive use of vegetation definitely adds to it's secluded glamour... most importantly, the undulating exteriors, sweeping curvatures, and arching roof-lines make me guess that SE were possibly bringing a few light elements of Gaudi's Sagrada Familai architecture.  Intresting thoughts all round, yes?  xD

****Note: Credit to Eorzeapedia for the original images prior to being edited to adhere to the above post***

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