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Monday, September 21, 2009

Latest Info on FFXIV

This just in from Gamasutra and it's basically an adress speech that Robert Peeler gave to the Game Developers Conference in Austin.   I found it to be a very sound explanation about the various factors that Square Enix faced regarding the production and execution of FFXIV (and lessons lernt from managing FFXI)... and it was such a great read that a couple friends suggested that I post it here to also spread the word.  Click on the link to get a gist of the speech (interesting stuff) xD

One part of the address that really struck a good chord with me was this part:

Plans for Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix plans to introduce new MMO Final Fantasy XIV next year for PlayStation 3 and PC -- and many loyal FFXI players are interested in it; many are curious about transition benefits; and many new gamers who have not played XI will probably try the follow-up -- and the community teams have to deal with all of these situations.

"We need to address the players' concern that FFXI will recieve support in the future," says Peeler. The goal is "supporting veteran FFXI players to try and experiment with FFXIV as well as support their FFXI accounts."

The community teams identify important fan sites in Europe and North America and work with them to help spread the message of the game and act as player advocates, says Peeler. "We work directly with several fan site leaders or major player advocates in contest promotions, getting the message out, and in developer Q&A."

Fan site leaders are invited to the fan fests by Square Enix (who pays for their flights and accommodations) and set up booths to show community interaction. The benefit? "The player advocates can communicate the trust they have in us to the community."

Yes indeed... "The player advocates can communicate the trust they have in us to the community".  That is so very very true. 

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