The Resonance of Eorzea

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Avatars...

Just an avatar I found and kinda liked... (it's the Bushido-Samurai wannabe thing)

Plus of course, I wanted to add an avatar made from my sketch of my FFXI character... (yeah, he's wearing the Goldsmithing sunshades)...

Here's one of Osiris done by "EveofIsis" on photobucket... I plan to use it later on for a bunch of stuff

And here is another avatar I might use later on... it's my Aion charcater from beta-testing Aion.  The Character customization is quite vast and I enjoyed playing around with it.  Hopefully FFXIV will afford us a similar (if not wider) range of customization... and I might create a toon with a slightly similar face (much longer hair tho)

BTW... here's an old Rurutia song that I found (Lost Butterfly).  Haven't listened to it in ages... might come in as a handy tune to use an a background sound in my FFXIV travels... we'll see. 

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