The Resonance of Eorzea

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Dual-Wielding Elezen...

This is possibly how I hope to create and progress my Elezen:  The physical facial apprearance of Prince Luzaf (however, with  dark-silvery hair), and the ultimately superb warrior abilities of Prince Nuada (from Hellboy 2). Great job, Luke Goss... truly great job.

Matter of fact, for emphasis, lemme post up an image of Edge from Final Fantasy IV.  This is the guy who was practically a perfect template for the concept of the word "Ninja" in not only games but also in anime-related media.

If only he had much longer hair (and ze pointy-pointy ears), I'd say that's a pretty close image of how I'd like my Elezen to look on the battlefield.   Now that we have that established; here's the recap:  A Dual-Wielding Dark Knight with heavy melee and decimation abilities.   Weapons I definitely hope to master in addition to one-handed swords are Great Sword (check), Great Katana (check) and Dual-wield (check).    Yes indeed you bastid Garleans...I promise to bring the noise. 

And here's my "civvies" attire... the kinda armour I'd like to wear around town when I'm not grinding through Guildleves missions. It's the concept art of Prince Rasler from Final Fantasy XII, done by the legendary Akihiko Yoshida (for some wield reason, I seriously admired this charcater since I played the game in 2006 --even though he wasn't one of the integral main characters of the story) .   However, looking at it from a practical stand point, it might not be exceptionally suited for "ninja-like" movements but it sure looks sweet to wear around town or while afk-ing beside Aetherytes  inbetween guildleve missions.

Nice ehhh?

Now we must all remember... it's his team that's doing the art direction for FFXIV, so I won't be surprised to see a similar looking piece of armour... matter of fact, I guarantee it cuz his style is already showing up from the four armour images that turned up during Gamescon. And don't for one sec think cuz it's creamy white that I'm going paladin again... nope... ironically, I'm going full Dark Knight. The creamy-white gear looks extremely great and all that, but I particularly like it cuz it not only looks sharp while wearing it in town; but a light-coloured armour makes me stand out on the battlefield... I want the mobs and enemies of Eorzea to see me VERY clearly when I come for them. Yup.

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