The Resonance of Eorzea

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Transportation within Eorzea... perhaps Magitek Armour...?

...What will it be like?

Today's journal entry is dedicated to speculating on what kind of transportation we might have in FFXIV.  So far, there seems to be the all-famous Chocobo (which are pretty much a stipulated trademark of the Final Fantasy games).  Speaking of chocobos, I know that we've already seen the new reincarnation of chocobos for Eorzea but here's one screenie i found recently:

Not bad ehhh...?    This is an example of the Phoenix, which is one of the mounts found in Atlantica Online and honestly, they look strangely similar to an armoured chocobo.   Well... kinda.

Moving along, it's known that we'll have stunning airships in Ul'dah and gorgeous sea-faring ships in Limsa Lominsa... but what kind transportation are in Girdania?   Methinks we Elezen (I'm still insisting that Girdania will be the ultimate home of the Elezen and Duskwight) will have some sort of mount/steed; perhaps some awesome massive cream-coloured tigers or unicorns... like these:

... or maybe even glorious-looking dragons (yes, please).

However, here's the kicker... the one speculation of transportation system that could possibly get all of us screaming jubilantly:  What if FFXIV had the all too awesome "Magitek Armour" (used by Terra in Final Fantasy VI)?

Seriously though, this might be a very possible possibility.  Lets condense the facts:   In one of his recent interviews about a couple weeks ago, Tanaka vaguely hinted that the Magitek might be available.

Now, being that the technological advancement system of Eorzea seems to be an incorporation of "high sci-fi meets medieval", it makes sense that a place like Ul'Dah might be the hub of technology (if we go by the concept art of the three starter cities that shows Ul"Dah having airships)... and will likely be where we players will have to (quest?) to own our personal Magiteks (won't that be seriously seriously awesome?).

Even if we can't have personal Magiteks... (I'll still keep my fingers crossed though)... the fact that they are present in the game and could be perhaps rented for a duration of say, 20-30 minutes to get to one's destination will be a truely awesome touch.

Hmmmm... well, TGS is next week and hopefully we'll know more.

***Note: Credit to various websites and the artists for the wonderful and creative images above; including Atlantica and Shaiya related online fan-sites***

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