The Resonance of Eorzea

Thursday, October 29, 2009

While waiting for Micromania 2009 to commence...

...I thought I'd post up a quick comment about the striking similarities that one of the new images from SE's FFXI update had with the Disciple of War image.  Square Enix is presently updating FFXI with an update that composes of three parts; the first of which was done early this morning (the other two parts are scheduled for November 9th and then late November).

Now, with the swift and well appreciated .dat-mining work done by Tummie of the Zam forums, (yeah, he's actually on my server Garuda), I found one of the images that looked strikingly similar to each other.  See for yourself:

 Of course the FFXI version looks coarse and unrefined due to the graphical limitations, but it does show similarities in the general style, colour, helmet, leg greaves (even see the similar design in the aeration on the knee, forearm and hip areas?).  Intresting huh?  Can't wait to see how to get acquire these in-game, especially since I'm up to date with my WoTG missions.

BTW, this is primarily a FFXIV blog and even though I try to sustain a core principle of only posting FFXIV-related material (with occasional references to FFXI), I couldn't help but post up a piccy of this awesome looking weapon (which was also in the FFXI update files of this morning).  Love it.  There were also some excellent images of the .dat mining work done by wilddragon and you can view them on his blog.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Micromania Gameshow 2009 in France

Yes indeed, the 2009 Micomania Gameshow in France will hold between October 30th and November 2nd... but the real news is that not only will SquareEnix be there, apparently FFXIV will also be exhibited!  And here is a link showing the floorplan of all the attending developers and participants... considering the number of companies shows on that image, it seems like this will be more than just a tiny hub-hub of suits yakking off about gaming profits.

Naturally, the general global concensus amoungst FFXIV fans is that hopefully SE will showcase another trailer; or better yet, actual gameplay footage of Ul'Dah and Girdania {yes please}.  What will also be greatly appreciated is not only an in-depth explanation into the gameplay dynamics, economy system and even the mysteriously new approach to "guild/linkshell" system...but also a firm date on when we can all hope to see a beta launch.

Ahhh well, five more days...  

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Recommended "hardware" for FFXIV...

...Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen; today's topic is going to focus directly on the hardwar power that you will need for optimal gameplay on your PS3.

For the last four months, we have all been speculating about the software itself, and the incredible oppurtunities that the Crystal Engine gives to SE in making FFXIV a stunning masterpiece.   AQnd whenever we do happen to discuss hardware on the FFXIV forums, it's usually about what kind of PC will pack enough horsepower to run FFXIV suitably.

Today however, we're gonna focus on Sony's shiny and beastly PS3 and what the options will be for those players who want to run this game in all its spectacular glory.   To start off, three components are absolutely necessary: The television, the broadband internet connection, and of course, the console itself.   All the options listed below are suggestive

The Television:
Okay seriously... assuming that you were working on a budget and wanted a decent LCD high-definition television, a thorough search of the current sales in your local merchandise store should get you a great LCD that would easily wander into the 32-inch to 40-inch size range.   However, if funds was definitely not an issue and you wanted a seriously wicked screen that wasn't a ridiculously over-priced Bang & Olufsen, then look NO further than the Samsung LED range of televisions.

I have always LOVED energy efficient AND environmentally friendly gadgets (another of my underlying secondary reasons to have selected Girdania as my starting city)... and this television delievers.

The Console:
Sony presently have the 250GB PS3 Slim coming out November 3rd as a follow up to the 120GB they released in September:

...and Japan will also see the release of a sharp-looking FFXIII bundle in December.

Now, it's obvious that come 2010, Sony & SE are going to release a FFXIV bundle to advance the marketability of their latest mmorpg; and as a few freiends and I discussed in July, it nopt only makes sense, but it's marketing genius.  The land of Eorzea is gonna need a lotta harddrive space to store all the fascinating graphical data, and for this; some heavy HD space is not only suggested... it's mandatory.  Heck, even FFXI alone was at least 14GB

However, for those of us who have the seriously awesome first generation 60GB, here's an additional option for you that will cost roughly US$80 to US$100... and it involves boosting your HD to 500GB.    The 60GB is still considered the "best" version of the PS3 and i wholeheartedly agree not because I have one but because I know for a fact that it's a more versitile machine than its successors.   But if you have the later incarnations, fret not... this hard drive upgrade is one that thousands of PS3 owners worldwide have been doing since 2007 and the 500GB upgrade really took off almost a year ago. 

Furthermore, if you need additional support after you upgrade (because there have been very minor occasional reports of problems), then you can always check here for trouble-shooting support.  That said, here's a great guide taken from the PlayStation Network forums on how to flawlessly upograde your console (including tips on which type to buy... personally, I say select the Samsung like I did, but any of the other models on Newegg generally works fine.

Good luck with all your eelectronics/equipment selection and most definitely prepare to have serious fun when Eorzea is opened to us.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A few of my favourite FFXI tunes...

And last but definitely not the least, "Voyager".  This is actually my favourite FFXI tune on the game... I rememeber getting on the Selbina-Mhaura ship in April 2004 and hearing this tune.   Dunno what it is about this track... might be the fact that flutes played a dominant resonance in how it sounds (and I totally love wind instruments); but ultimately for me, it captured the core essence of Final Fantasy and the brilliance of Nobuo Uematsu and Naoshi Mizuta.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gunsmithing in FFXIV...

...Yep.  SquareEnix, in their recently updated info about Eorzea, had me curiously curious about the future prospects of Gunsmithing.  It's listed as a craft under Blacksmithing (in the Disciple of Hand section) and it got me thnking:  hold on a minute... the only job being listed as being a possile candidate to use gunsmithing related weaponry would be the Archer.   Hmmm.

Am I correct in assuming that not only have SE warmed my heart in saying Archery has it's origins with the Elezen... (as it always should have been!)... but are they hinting that Blacksmithing, perhaps employing the technology of the Hyurans, eventually evolved a branch that focused on gunsmithing?    Perhaps when the Elezen and the Hyuran became peaceful allies, they put heads together to evolve the Archer occupation into "Eorzean Gunslingers"?

Thus, are SE cunningly implying that Archers might eventually be able to "learn" and/or possess superior ranged weaponry that could be classified as guns?   More exciting is the prospect of being able to create wonderful awesome sword-pistols that could perhaps looks just like FFXIII Lightning's weapon, or FFVIII Squall's Gunblade.

And like I suggested on the FFXIVCore forums this past Friday, perhaps when one takes the Gunsmithing skill to veteran levels, "Cid" could maybe be the one to give the recipe for 'gunsmithing' a freaking huge bolg like the one David Nassau used in Last Remnant... and by Cid, I mean the Cid who will likely be in Ul'dah (why do I feel that in FFXIV he might be an Elezen residing in Ishgard?)

Anyways... its back to pondering on this great big, unmistakable hint...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

FFXIV Latest Updates!

SquareEnix have made us all hyperactively giddy all over again, yes indeed.   The official Final Fantasy website has been updated with awesome new info about crafting (wooooot!), additional job classes and even the beastiary.  

FFXIVCore have once again exhibited awesome diligence that goes beyond expectations and posted up all the latest info on their forums (including a great translation of the latest interview by Famitsu... thx SteveManly, Aya & Zyuu!).  Please feel entirely free to head over there and express your comments and suggestions regarding all these wonderful new info.  I'll also post some of FFXIVCore's images here for quick-viewing but remeber that they continue to be the property of SquareEnix and FFXIVCore.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Male Miqo'te...

...Would perhaps will look like this?  

I just found this on (awesome FFXI & FFXIV artwork fan website) and althoughtI've seen a massive number of  'male mithra' speculative renderings over the past few years (with Lehko Habhoka being the best example), this image below is the one I found most excitingly close to how I visualize the male Miqo'te. 

If SquareEnix ever change their mind and make a male race of Mi'Qote to look like these, I will create one in a heartbeat.  Yup.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Latest Famitsu scans from FFXIVCore!

This just in... FFXIVCore, one of the three FFXIV-related sites that I frequent has just put up awesome new screenies that will be in Thursday's edition of Famitsu!    The most exciting part of the images was... (waaaaait for it).... LANCERS!    

All that is left now is to hope that the Lancers also have Wyverns... the fact that the article seemed to refer to them as "Transformation Lancers" makes one wonder... what DO they transform to?    Dragons?   I think my excitement level just notched up a tad.

I also added the images below so that readers can "quick-view" them here if needed; however, continue to be aware that they remain the property of FFXIVCore, so all credit and kudos to them for being the first to bring us these images!

BTW people, remember how I kept jotting in my character's history-journal about wanting to master the sword AND the spear/polearm?    Seems I got my wish ehhhh?  xD

Also, Steve Manly on FFXIVCore has translated the article in the Famitsu Connect November Issue.   Be sure to read that as well (a few interesting info were revealed) and by all means feel free to register on their site and express your thoughts.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New images from the TGS 2009 Trailer...

Just had these sent to me via email and thought I'd post the link up for readers.   This site has s slew of well prepared images from the TGS trailer and while Eorzeapedia has 18, this site had over 50. 

BTW, I'm adding one image that I found particularly refreshing:  That of the Elezen female... once again, SE has done us proud in making the "Elves" look gracefully stunning.   Please remember that the image remains the property of the website... enjoy

FFXIV Job Classes & Weaponry revisited...

Yep... the topic for today is one that I discussed with a few other people way back in June/July when we were speculating about the armour, weapons and job-class system of  FFXIV.  Being that I'm bored, I wanted to rattle off a couple thoughts about weaponry and/or class 'advancement'.

Lets see... first of all, what if the armour system is done in the form of the ffxii licencing board?   I ask this question again because the first time that a few friends and I began discussing it back then, it made plausible sense.  Here's the gist of the idea:    Say we players get some kind of "points/score" units after completing some Guildleves, missions, quests, etc... (and maybe even the more (skillchains?) we do with our weapons, the higher the amount of "points" you can earn?).

Players then use these points on your very own individual personal licencing board... (yep, unique to each player).   The points a player amasses gradually unlocks more and more armour/weapon (and even materia?) options as you continue your life in Eorzea.   And as you open up better looking armour with better stats etc (which you "enhance" with materia), you are also unlocking weapons, summons (or espers?), skills, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The general basis of the licencing board system is taken directly from FFXII and it worked exceeding well in that game because the player earned LP or "licence points" that was used to gradually unlock the rest of the items, weapons, espers and skills on the board.    I've been churning this system in my head for the last couple months especially since Tanaka, Sundi and Komoto have yet to explain in detail how we will use the rewards from Guildleve missions/quests to really advance our characters.

Hmmm... food for thought.  In the meantime, I'm hoping that I can get an set of spiffy looking armour that resembles that of Prince Maximillian Von Reginrave (from the awesome PS3 game, Valkyria Chronicles).