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Thursday, October 1, 2009

FFXIV Job Classes & Weaponry revisited...

Yep... the topic for today is one that I discussed with a few other people way back in June/July when we were speculating about the armour, weapons and job-class system of  FFXIV.  Being that I'm bored, I wanted to rattle off a couple thoughts about weaponry and/or class 'advancement'.

Lets see... first of all, what if the armour system is done in the form of the ffxii licencing board?   I ask this question again because the first time that a few friends and I began discussing it back then, it made plausible sense.  Here's the gist of the idea:    Say we players get some kind of "points/score" units after completing some Guildleves, missions, quests, etc... (and maybe even the more (skillchains?) we do with our weapons, the higher the amount of "points" you can earn?).

Players then use these points on your very own individual personal licencing board... (yep, unique to each player).   The points a player amasses gradually unlocks more and more armour/weapon (and even materia?) options as you continue your life in Eorzea.   And as you open up better looking armour with better stats etc (which you "enhance" with materia), you are also unlocking weapons, summons (or espers?), skills, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The general basis of the licencing board system is taken directly from FFXII and it worked exceeding well in that game because the player earned LP or "licence points" that was used to gradually unlock the rest of the items, weapons, espers and skills on the board.    I've been churning this system in my head for the last couple months especially since Tanaka, Sundi and Komoto have yet to explain in detail how we will use the rewards from Guildleve missions/quests to really advance our characters.

Hmmm... food for thought.  In the meantime, I'm hoping that I can get an set of spiffy looking armour that resembles that of Prince Maximillian Von Reginrave (from the awesome PS3 game, Valkyria Chronicles).

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