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Thursday, October 8, 2009

FFXIV Latest Updates!

SquareEnix have made us all hyperactively giddy all over again, yes indeed.   The official Final Fantasy website has been updated with awesome new info about crafting (wooooot!), additional job classes and even the beastiary.  

FFXIVCore have once again exhibited awesome diligence that goes beyond expectations and posted up all the latest info on their forums (including a great translation of the latest interview by Famitsu... thx SteveManly, Aya & Zyuu!).  Please feel entirely free to head over there and express your comments and suggestions regarding all these wonderful new info.  I'll also post some of FFXIVCore's images here for quick-viewing but remeber that they continue to be the property of SquareEnix and FFXIVCore.

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