The Resonance of Eorzea

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gunsmithing in FFXIV...

...Yep.  SquareEnix, in their recently updated info about Eorzea, had me curiously curious about the future prospects of Gunsmithing.  It's listed as a craft under Blacksmithing (in the Disciple of Hand section) and it got me thnking:  hold on a minute... the only job being listed as being a possile candidate to use gunsmithing related weaponry would be the Archer.   Hmmm.

Am I correct in assuming that not only have SE warmed my heart in saying Archery has it's origins with the Elezen... (as it always should have been!)... but are they hinting that Blacksmithing, perhaps employing the technology of the Hyurans, eventually evolved a branch that focused on gunsmithing?    Perhaps when the Elezen and the Hyuran became peaceful allies, they put heads together to evolve the Archer occupation into "Eorzean Gunslingers"?

Thus, are SE cunningly implying that Archers might eventually be able to "learn" and/or possess superior ranged weaponry that could be classified as guns?   More exciting is the prospect of being able to create wonderful awesome sword-pistols that could perhaps looks just like FFXIII Lightning's weapon, or FFVIII Squall's Gunblade.

And like I suggested on the FFXIVCore forums this past Friday, perhaps when one takes the Gunsmithing skill to veteran levels, "Cid" could maybe be the one to give the recipe for 'gunsmithing' a freaking huge bolg like the one David Nassau used in Last Remnant... and by Cid, I mean the Cid who will likely be in Ul'dah (why do I feel that in FFXIV he might be an Elezen residing in Ishgard?)

Anyways... its back to pondering on this great big, unmistakable hint...

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