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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Latest Famitsu scans from FFXIVCore!

This just in... FFXIVCore, one of the three FFXIV-related sites that I frequent has just put up awesome new screenies that will be in Thursday's edition of Famitsu!    The most exciting part of the images was... (waaaaait for it).... LANCERS!    

All that is left now is to hope that the Lancers also have Wyverns... the fact that the article seemed to refer to them as "Transformation Lancers" makes one wonder... what DO they transform to?    Dragons?   I think my excitement level just notched up a tad.

I also added the images below so that readers can "quick-view" them here if needed; however, continue to be aware that they remain the property of FFXIVCore, so all credit and kudos to them for being the first to bring us these images!

BTW people, remember how I kept jotting in my character's history-journal about wanting to master the sword AND the spear/polearm?    Seems I got my wish ehhhh?  xD

Also, Steve Manly on FFXIVCore has translated the article in the Famitsu Connect November Issue.   Be sure to read that as well (a few interesting info were revealed) and by all means feel free to register on their site and express your thoughts.

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