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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Micromania Gameshow 2009 in France

Yes indeed, the 2009 Micomania Gameshow in France will hold between October 30th and November 2nd... but the real news is that not only will SquareEnix be there, apparently FFXIV will also be exhibited!  And here is a link showing the floorplan of all the attending developers and participants... considering the number of companies shows on that image, it seems like this will be more than just a tiny hub-hub of suits yakking off about gaming profits.

Naturally, the general global concensus amoungst FFXIV fans is that hopefully SE will showcase another trailer; or better yet, actual gameplay footage of Ul'Dah and Girdania {yes please}.  What will also be greatly appreciated is not only an in-depth explanation into the gameplay dynamics, economy system and even the mysteriously new approach to "guild/linkshell" system...but also a firm date on when we can all hope to see a beta launch.

Ahhh well, five more days...  

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