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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Awesome new FFXIV Information...

...Coming up later this week in Famitsu!

Yes indeed, Zyuu's FFXIVCore  has again showed superb forwardness in beibng the first to bring us the latest leaked information from this week's Famitsu magazine.  Awesome stuff, right?  (Thx yet again to Steve Manly and the entire FFXIVCore admin crew).  Here's a screenie that they put up on their website... and yep, as always, remember that it remains the property of SquareEnix, Famitsu and FFXIVCore)

That's not all folks... apparently, there has been a rumour that has been floating around for the past week about a "Campaign Code" that Square Enix are going to enclose in Final Fantasy XIII.   A couple members on FFXIVCore had given me the heads up earlier about Zyuu's post; and after reading it, I understand that there might be an in-game special secret item which players with the code can obtain.   Even the Japanese FFXIV websites have also mentioned it in their forums (check my previous blog entry)

What this item might be is yet to be seen, but be rest assrued that I will be keeping tabs on this tit bit of information.

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