The Resonance of Eorzea

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eorzea: Mog Houses and Personal Residential Spaces

Will we have them in FFXIV?  And what will they be like?  How large...(can I get a sweet-looking mansion made of cedar wood?)  How interactive will they be... (can I get drunk in my MH)?   How extensively can we furnish them?

Since June, this is one topic that has raged across all the FFXIV forum boards everywhere from the States, to Europe, to Japan... and I particularly find SE's vague responses to this issue very intriguing.  I was a heavy advocate of furnishing my Mog House, and subsequently created a personal residential space that I was quite proud of.  Here are a handful of screenshots of my humble abode in FFXI...

Yeah, as you can see, I seriously took great pride in making my Mog House comfy.... (truth is, my Moogle is actually a dual-axe weilding psychotic loon who directly threatened me to make his life a luxurious affair or else...).

So will I be able to create an even much more spectacular Mog House in FFXIV like I did in FFXI?  Time will tell.

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