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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

...The scapped MMORPG called "Fortress"

...Here's something I came across today:  A few friends, colleagues and I began discussing the basic game mechanics of MMOs and somewhere along the line, "Fortress" was mentioned.   This was a MMORPG game that was initially designed by GRIN, a Swedish developer, for SquareEnix; and ironically, I had posted up on this blog a brief set of musings for this topic a while back.

A couple of my friends who hadn't heard of it made me jump on my laptop and so that I could dig up the link from my blog... and while exhibiting the images, I noticed one that apparently had a chocobo-like silhouette in it.  And it got me thinking... was "Fortress" really an independent game?   If it was; did GRIN artists just want to add the familiar "chocobo element" into it so as to make future players identify with something "Final Fantasy-ish"? Hmmmm... here.s the piccy... once again, you decide.

BTW, here are more spectacular artist renderings for this game, that sadly, might have made an interesting pasttime while waiting for FFXIV. (Remember, all images were taken from's article on Fortress and as usual, all the images remain their property.)

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