The Resonance of Eorzea

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Latest news from FFXIVCore...

Zyuu's translation crew at FFXIVCore have efficiently done it yet again.  Huge appreciation to Aya and Steve manly who were extremely swift in breaking down the excellent new news that was in this month's Dengeki magazine.  Great job as well to Draconix xD

But enough talk... here are the pictures... and remember, although they aren't really new images, be sure to read the full article on Core.

Catching up on stuff and touching video!

Yeah, I know it's been a while... but first of all, Happy New Year to everyone (thank you so VERY much for all the numerous emails and goodwill tidings).  Everything has been great, thank God, and I was just back from a few weeks of holiday.  Work and school have comenced in full gear and I'm looking forward to hearing about all the awesome things that will emerge from the FFXIV beta in the coming months.

Speaking of beta... dun dun duuuuun!  Square Enix announced beta applications since December 16th, 2010 (emails were sent to pretty much everyone who had already registered on the official FFXIV website.  So if you haven't, please do and hope that you get invited into the great oppurtuunity of being a part of the FFXIV alpha and beta. xD

Finally, I leave you with an awesome video initially put up on FFXIVcore by one of their moderators SquireMundane3rd

I thought it was absolutely beautiful... and the part that broke my heart was when the kid wrote: "I can't anymore". I love to draw and I've always deeply respected true friendship (always treasure it by all means necessary). The fact that drawing was their only means of communication made me appreciate the nuances of the story that much more. 

This is one of the things fantastic art should be... it should effectively tell its story while also generating strong emotions from the audience. And this one delivers on that perfectly; and in many ways I could identify with the tale. 

The overarching dividing element in that tale was the glass... decievingly transparent, and unforgivingly swift to destroy if provoked. Sounds a lot like how much of our society has sadly become. To me, the glass represents the languages, doctrines, traditions, cultures and "orthodox" things that seperate all of us... which is the reason why when the male lashed out against the glass, his limb got destroyed. Sometimes, when we dare to be defiantly different the results can be painfully devastating.

I also adore the fact that their youth seemingly represents their pure hearted way of seeing things in simple yet energitically direct tones with no annoying "grey areas". That same energitic passion is what drove the male to unleash his fury at the "system" that won't let them be together. 

However, what I found truly compassionante was how... in the last instant before he angrily shattered the glass... he motions for her to get out of the way. Finally, the gesture of selfless love and the sacrifice that comes from true friendship: she gives him her arm. Awww man, I can't even analyze this video any further cuz I'm getting into reminencing mood now.

I can tell that the ones to be moved by this video are likely to have great souls.  We must remember to love ourselves completely, not with a narcissist view but an acceptance view. 

Be well everyone and once again, Happy New Year..