The Resonance of Eorzea

Saturday, February 27, 2010

VanaFest 2010 today... anticipated beta start for FFXIV?

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, Square Enix is hosting the VavaFest 2010 event tomorrow in Tokyo, Japan... (actually, as of the time of this blog entry it would already be February 28th in Japan xD).

The official website for the evnt has been up for sometime and SE also has Twitter and Facebook feds that will constantly be updated by the minute as the show progresses.   The main excitement about the show is not only for news on future updates for FFXI (including the game's future itself), but expectations are extremely high regardling the release of awesome latest news about FFXIV beta.

Also expected are updates about the city-states (finally, some tit-bits about Gridania, Ul'Dah and Ishgard?), and possbly more lores about Eorzea.  In the meantime, all the premier FFXIV websites have crews that will be covering the show live so feel free to scroll down to the end of my blog page and visit the links below (ZAM, Eorzeapedia & FFXICCore).

I'll e sure to post up links to any awesome news over the next 24 hours... be well everyone!

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