The Resonance of Eorzea

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Famitsu Exclusive with Tanaka and Komoto!

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, courtesy of the great admin team at Zam (thanks Elmer) Famitsu have just released an exclusive interview with the legendary brains behind FFXIV (remember that they were both also actively involved with FFXI xD).

There are several parts of the interview which give detailed insight into how the developers are gradually bringing Eorzea to life and it's a highly interesting read.  One area of the interview that caught my attention was this:

- How are things going development-wise? Tanaka: The graphics are pretty much finished.  Next, planners and programmers need to make some final adjustments, but it's tough to say exactly what percentage is complete. (laughs)  Even with the graphics complete, there are things that need tweaking.  For example, the lighting throughout Limsa Lominsa is going to completely change.

- Is the general framework of the world complete?
Tanaka: The basics are pretty much done.  Like I mentioned, it's mostly cosmetic changes that are left. (laughs)  System-related things like the user interface, or additional quest material are still being worked on.  If we consider how FFXIV has been in development for 5 years, we're probably in the final 10% of its development cycle, which accounts for 50% of the game.

Komoto: With the start of the alpha test, we start to look at character growth, expanding the world, quests and more.  Looking at the alpha as it is now, there's less than 10% of the game available.
Tanaka: As for the progression of development, a conservative estimate would be 65%. (laughs)

- Right now, the alpha has focused only on the PC.  How is development for the PS3 coming along?
Tanaka: We're working hard on the PS3 as well.  We plan to have both versions begin service simultaneously.

- Then is it okay for those eager PS3 players to get excited?
Tanaka & Komoto: Yes!  We hope you look forward to playing.

...And yes indeed, we all look forward to playing the Beta.  Definitely have a read of the full article and sound off your opionions on the Zam forums! (As always, all credit for the interview goes to Famitsu, Allakhazam and all information included remains the sole property of Square Enix).  Be well!

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