The Resonance of Eorzea

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Latest Dengeki Interview with Planner Kenichi Iwao!

Hello folks, Aya and Steve of the FFXIVCore translation team have just finished posting up the latest interview that dengeki conducted with Kenichi Iwao (much appreciated!).   Interesting chat about a few things that we hope to see in Eorzea (and how they came about)... and one line that particularly had  me grinning was the quip about the cities; didn't we call it since late year that Limsa was extremely similar to Venice in architectural style and design?

Dengeki: Can you tell us the different special characteristics of the city-states?
Kenichi Iwao: Limsa Lominsa is the marine capital like Venice. Ul’dah is a hub city like an oasis, like Palmyra. Gridania is a city surrounded by forests and is like a Mayan city."

Anywayz, for your Memorial Day weekend enjoyment, I also thought I would upload some of the wonderful FFXIV fan images from Neko-Sentai.  All of the images were done by superb artists (wish I could sieve through and get their names right); however they were all uploaded by the admin Gulkeeva, so I've just made it simpler to just credit Gulkeeva xD

Have fun looking through them, be sure to visit their site and be kind enough to leave an encouraging remark for the artists.  Be well everyone!

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