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Thursday, May 13, 2010

MMORPG Etiquette – Reinventing Yourself

Found this on JPButton a loooog time ago (thank you Elmer and the whole JP Button crew) and as per a couple requests, I decided to put this up today. I always thought it was quite hillarious and yet still so true as we wait to take up our 'alternate" lives in Eorzea. It also reminded me of certain difficult yet "educational" days when I just started playing FFXI.

However, on the above list of six points in the image, I kinda like the third one best-- and it weirdly makes me think of all the awesomely-wicked NPCs I looked up to in the game (and most unsuccesfully tried to emulate during my life of a Paladin).  here are most of the awesome NPCs I came across in Vanadiel... (I'm eagerly awaiting which awesome NPCs we shall all take a huge liking to in Eorzea):

Lion... first came across her during the rank 3 missions waaay back when I started FFXI in April-ish of 2004 and I fell in love with her ever since. She's freaking beautiful, incredibly sekzie (god, I love that mane of fiery red hair), and keenly smart. When you all of the Zilart and CoP missions you get to really understand what a gem she truely is.

Princess Cladie... epitome of a true princess. She's lovely, carries herself like a true noble and deeply (very deeply) follows her heart to do what's right. If you are from Sandy, you get to eventually understand just how hard she works to sustain peace.

Prince Trion... the one NPC that I will follow into the fiercest battle without a moment's hesitation. Though he seems to be very tempremental, impatient and massively arrogant; he is simply bad @$$ when it comes to fighting skills. As his story progresses, you will find that he is the real representation of what a D'Oraguille should be. You actually get to see him mature into the most honorable, most fearless, and most selfless person in the kingdom. Also has a very eloquent way with words, which is why the Royal Knights adore him to no ends. Now, only if he and Curilla can get their love-story going...

Alberiche and Exoroche... any Paladin that went thru the PLD AF hell will come to understand the intense loyalty between this father and son combo... and there's a tale in the Shadowreign era that even extends to the grandfather.   Yes indeed, fathers can be coldly hard on their sons for a just reason...

Aldo... ambitious courage sums it all. Watched his family and beautiful homeland get destroyed; and within 20 years hussled his way to sheer success through every means available to him. Dood... can you even begin to imagine what he had to go through to become the leader of the Tenshodo (Jeuno-branch)? Huge respect there.

And speaking of Pirates:

Gilgamesh... the highly resourceful leader of the Norg Tenshodo; if he can't get it for ya, he'll at least tell ya where to find it. His gear is awesome and if my character could age, I woulda liked him to look just like Gilgamesh.

Mamaulabion... that crazy lisp is literally a nightmare to read (my eyes hurt for months afterwards)...but dam he's hillarious.

The Zilart boys, especially Eald'narche:
How can one freaking midget just wake up one morning and think he can be Master of the Universe? After he massacred me in ZM17 (4 times before we got the win) I got to see why. Heck, if I could wield that much power, I'd do the same... honestly.

Maat... yes indeed, I will mention and list Maat. OMG, I hated this old fool like a plague during my genkai runs. For all those times he almost made me smash my screen, I gotta hand it to him... he taught me patience.

Kurou Morou... watching him and his counterpart next door bicker at each other is a great laugh. Being Sandorian, he was one of the very first tarutaru npcs I ever met. It was my first time in Jeuno as a lvl 20 WAR; and talking with him in Lower jeuno and the little Taru npc in Upper jeuno (the one practicing to join the Ducal Guards) made me generate a huge liking for their race. Meeting Shatotto and Hakkaru Rinkuru in Windy finally convinced me that my mules definitely had to be Taru.

Two of Swords... the Cardian in Lower Jeuno who just wanted his dedicated loyalty to be appreciated, nothing more.

Zeid... for his sheer loyalty to his best friend to the very end (name omitted to prevent major spoiler); and for his true adventurous spirit which makes him a living legend (till this day) in Bastok.

Lord Excenmille... Crimson gear, and a proud pose that seems to say: "Better have something smart to say or I will decimate your very existence". As you go thru more sandy quests both in the present and the Shadowreign era, you find out he's one of Sandy's greatest heroes and a respected noble who is truely loyal to the kingdom, King Destin and Prince Trion.

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