The Resonance of Eorzea

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Play Station Move and FFXIV...

Heya folks... ever since Sony announced it's PlayStation "Move" accesory (or periphery?) for the PS3, I've been wondering how it might apply to the world of Eorzea.  If at all Square Enix decides to implement it into FFXIV, where and how will it be applicable?  Will it be a fun feature to have?  Will it even be compatible with the Crystal Tool to add a whole new dimension of fun to Eorzea?

The idea will indeed be quite a novel idea... your Maurader or Lancer character dealing out damage with a speed that directly mirrors your own motions.  Or you actually making hammering motions as your character is smithing up a new weapon of pwnage.

However, these simply motions will obviously conflict with the speed dynamics of the game engine (amoungst other factors)... but what if the developers were able to create an "isolate area" on the game where the Move can actually be used in a fun and effective way that will not affect the pace or style of FFXIV?

Say, for instance, in an Arena or Coliseum ?  Or in a mini-game that revolves around an Archery range smack in the outskirts of lushy-lushy Gridania?

Food for thought ehh?  Be well everyone.

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