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Sunday, June 20, 2010

FFXIV video of Elezen Lancer and much more!


I've been eagerly searching online for videos of Male Elezen Lancers and fortunately Steparu recorded some gameplay footage while at E3 2010.   Yes yes yes yes yes...Lancer ftw!

Here is also a quick character creation video, also by Steparu

That's not all folks... FFXIVCore also got a translation that Dengeki did with Tanaka (awesome read btw) and one thing that really stood out to me was this (mainly because I have had an adventuring-NPC-fellow on FFXI since 2006):

Crafting, Bazaars, and Community Systems
Are there any new systems planned for beta?
Tanaka: Weapons and items will lose durability. You will not lose a weapon because of it, but its battle potential will drop to the point where it will probably be useless. Since repairs will be necessary, we have increased the number of gathering and crafting classes. The next big planned addition would be retainers, hirable NPCs. For example, in FFXI you could not run your bazaar if you logged out. In FFXIV if you hand your items over to your retainer and set them up in the marketplace, you will be able to sell your goods even if you log off. Other than that, we have plans for linkshells but are unsure of when they will be ready for implementation.

And there's more... Could FFXIV be coming to the PS3 in 3D???  This was my expression after reading that... 

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