The Resonance of Eorzea

Monday, June 14, 2010

E3 Begins Today... Could T.E.R.A be FFXIV's Competition?

Yes indeed wonderful ladies and gentlemen... the heavily anticipated E3 2010 Expo begins today and I'll be updating the blog as swiftly as possible with all kinds of information as they become available.  Also be sure to follow the various FFXIV related fan-sites on Twitter as the Admins bring us the latest exciting news.

That said, I was wondering what readers felt about "TERA - The Exiled Realm of Arborea", which is an MMORPG currently in development by Bluehole Studio (same guys that brought us Kingdom under Fire on the xbox 360).   A few friends and I have traded some emails about this sometime late last year when TERA's beta was in full swing and here are two of the latest trailers... makes us all wonder if this (and not Aion) will be FFXIV main competitor...

****Blog Entry edited in April 2011 to add JCRL's explanatory video***

****Blog Entry edited in Feb 2012 once more in order to add Unitlosttube's hilarious and witty explanatory video***

And of course, I'm still keeping a very keen out for our stunning Blade and Soul... (original video added in June 2010 had to be removed because it got buggy, so I replaced it in November 2010)...

Finally, here are some awesome images and information about The Twelve (the Eorzean gods) that was created by Draconix, Mooga and Ralsu on the FFXIVCore Wiki Team.  Wicked calendar and flowchart innit? 

Superb information and I was fascinated with the lore behind all the Twelve.  Amazing how SE have also been saying they might affect our choice of jobs or something of the sort (maybe crafting?).  One lasting thing I got from reading this is that could there possibly be an opposing faction of gods or better still, a single goddess/god that was "exiled" from the rest of them?

I 'm arriving at this notion because I've read enough books (and written a few short stories) to   always leave a possibility of an unexpected element that could always either upset or maintain the "balance".   That the Twelve are alone in their absolute power over all the universe seems unlikely... yeah, I'm trying to seek out some more lore here.

Plus, the manifestation of how Nymeia, Althyk were created seems... vague.  That chart places them at the (head?) of the pantheon but there are also a couple other gods that also manifested out of no where... or did they have a "parent" we don't know about?  Did they "deflect" from another set of gods/goddesses we don't know about?

I know I'm reading too much into this but that's just me... until later, be well everyone!


  1. No, you are not reading too much into this, I am trying to figure it out myself as well. I think Althyk and Nymeia are at the head because they were the first. Althyk is supposed to be the diety of time or whatnot so it is possible that he and Nophica have always existed since time began. After all, the family tree must begin somewhere right?

    What bothers me is how Rhalgr apparently gave birth to Byregot and Halone by himself (no other parent listed). Did he lay down with his master Nymeia to do it?

    Also, how did Althyk parent Azeyma and Menphina by himself? He obviously didn't sleep with any of his daughters or granddaughters so that would leave either his sister Nymeia or Halone. Or perhaps they mated with mortals?

    Let me know if you learn anything more or what you think. I am a lore crazed player who wants to understand the 12 better so dialogue would be great!

  2. Hey Jesse, thanks for the comments... And I have actually posted up a VERY lengthy response at the Lodestone (Check

    The Twelve are integral to everything in Eorzea... and I think some of their dark "deeds" actually enhance their divine status. I still think that Rhalgr may have had Halone and Byregot with none other than Nymeia. Her initial marriage to her brother Althyk may have been a desperate effort to save their existence (and that of Eorzea).

    Perhaps when her brother eventually began to see these new generation of gods and goddesses as a threat to his power, he refused to have any more children... thus making Nymeia seek out her former lover Rhalgr to help her (and Thaliak?) with their plan.

    So yeah, definitely read up on the post and add your thoughts as necessary... I'm seriously anticipating some great news for all of from Yoshi-P later this week at E3. Until later, be well.