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Saturday, September 25, 2010

FFXIV Collectors Edition Launches...

... And it's bloody brilliant!  Square Enix also launched the Lodestone which is quite genius on their part.

I must say I'm well chuffed that many of the initial worries (and misgivings) that emerged from the Open Beta were resolved.   Guildleves now have a reduced timer of 36 hours on them, and the lag has eased up very considerably.  To the cheeky sods who figured the game was a write off, I implore you to go bugger off.  Yes mate.

Now, as you are all too well aware, the CE comes with an in-game bonus item which is the Onion helm... and if you played FFXIII (and registered your codes) you also get the Asuran armguards.  A third bonus item are the Hermes shoes and you get those of you currently have an FFXI account that has been active for at least 30 days... or something like that.

I finally creatd my character, got all three items and just wanted to quickly share a couple pics (will upload more from my album later).  A problem though...

I was unable to select the server I wanted (Mysidia), which of course is a load of rubbish because now I can't play with my friends or linkshell/company.

Not the best quality but I had to zoom out to show the Hermes shoes in the lower image.  The Onion helm is ...welll...okay... and serves its purpose for those periods when you need to have a gag and look a little "iffy" to the world at large lol.  Personally wish I could've received the goggles instead but the armguards more that compensates for this.

Next I thought I'd post up a couple links for people who needed a guide on how a few things work on Eorzea (thx again Gina, you're a gem).  BTW people, also be VERY careful and not watch the credits on the main FFXIV game start page... you will have re-install the game due to some glitch/bug.  So say SE until they fix it... you've been warned!  Now on to the helpful links...

Will post more later... need to finish some project stuff so I can go play more.  Be well everyone.

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