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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eorzea Video #7 and Surplus System Detailed

Been a fairly busy week on my ends... tinkering with a couple new programs for college and also managing to secure a few moments of Open beta play (long story, I promise you I'll update with pics and images and yada yada when I get a moment).

BTW, Open Beta does end on September 19th, so hopefully, we'll all get a few more exploration done before then.  Besides, TGS (Tokyo Game Show) starts on September 16th, so we'll see if SE surprise us yet again with something.

That said though, lots of videos to brings you wonderful readers up to date on a few things... first up is the seventh video in Square Enix's Eorzean video series.  Though short, it does have one of my favourite artists in the  Final Fantasy universe (Yoshida) explaining the character creation stuff.

Note:  As always, readers can simply double-click the video to be directed to the official channel to watch it there.  Alternatively, viewers that need to reduce the volume of my blog's theme-song (so that you can properly listen to the video here) can simply scroll down to the bottom right and adjust the volume on the Mixpod dashboard.

Next up is a truly wonderful video elegantly made to thoroughly explain the EXP surplus system that had so many people's knots in a bunch.  I guarantee that after watching, you'll have a greater understanding of the system and how it revolutionizes how to keep both casual and hardcore players happy.

Finally, I got an email from a friend pointing me in the direction of Tank That's FFXIV blog on wordpress which contained a couple lovely videos containing a walk through Gridania.  Nicely done and I always appreciate great initiative taken by other players to just show various elements of the game.  Just had to spread the word here for people to check out her vids on her blog and on youtube... I found them quite impressive.

Speaking of player-driven explorations, readers might also find some very interesting recorded accounts of the exploration of Coerthas (Azury on the ZAM forums and Lynthe on the Eorzeapedia forums).   It was actually through those posts that I found out about the Wyrmking's Perch, Falcon's Crest and Owl's Crest.... wicked innit?  That's about it for now, and I'll be posting more stuff up once I have time.  Be well everyone.

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