The Resonance of Eorzea

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And our Yoshi-P smirks at the opposition saying...

..."Who's having a right laugh now?"

Indeed, wonderful folks, SquareEnix surpised everyone globally at E3 2012 by unleashing a huge bevy of concept and in-game renderings for FFXIV 2.0... now already affectionately being dubbed "Final Fantasy X|V"

Producer Yoshi-P had initially stated in his 29th letter that his development team wouldn't be showcasing anything from 2.0 for E3 2012... which was received on the FFXIV Lodestone forums with much negativity from players.   The negativity was so much over this past weekend that I just plain refused to post a word on those threads.

And then like a true ninja (Edge would be thoroughly proud), Yoshi and his team released all the images you see below.   By the way, rumours on a couple other Japanese fansites insist that he also hosted a closed theater demo of the game in real time which totally stunned the audience.  Details on this later as I get more info.

Remember that all the images below remain the sole property of SquareEnix Global and all her subsidiaries and are just posted here for fan purposes.

Congratulations to the development team for a truly phenomenal work, and congratulations as well to all the true fans who have stuck with them through all the challenging times.  All of us ascending to "Legacy" status still warms the heart and we all eagerly anticipate everything to do with 2.0.   

I'll be updating stuff more often now that my extremely hectic Spring semester is done with... been so "Meh" with everything until about a week ago cuz I've been resting but now the countdown to 2.0 begins with a vengeance. Be well everyone

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