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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Relic weapons unleashed in Patch 1.22b...

...Because Yoshi-P and his phenomenal development team were not yet done with surprising us.   This new patch was initiated with clever timing just yesterday (June 6th, 2012) right on the heels of the new screenshots of 2.0 unleashed at E3.

The Lodestone has all the detailed information including a short tale of origins for each relic weapon and to be completely honest, they look pretty darn sweet.

For now, after excellent discussions on the Lodestone forums by several players, we have been able to piece together the correct steps and methods involved in obtaining each relic weapon.

So far, the most detailed Guide is the one written by Onion Lotion on XIVpads (also from our beloved Gungnir server) so be sure to have a glance at that as well.

Anyway... behold, I present to you the images of all the Relic weaponry for each job class

Remember that all the images below remain the sole property of SquareEnix Global and all her subsidiaries; and are just posted here for fan purposes.

 Black Mage
 Paladin (Sword and Shield are obtained together as a set)
White Mage

And of course with the patch came a couple more Grand Company related quests that were superbly done with excellent background music, scenes, dialogue and an epic battle.    As most players are also aware, the Imperial stronghold Castrum Novum which was implemented during patch 1.21 but remained inaccessible is now open... and its worth seeing.

I had thorough fun completing this with some friends last night on the Gungnir server... pics on this later (literally 40-50 players on screen storming through Castrum Novum just decimating everything in sight... now, THAT is what online play should be about).  Final battle at the end though is an 8-people party affair... we won on third try using 3 warriors, 2 white mages, 2 black mages and me as Bard... and yep, I sang like a soprano.

Without giving away any spoilers, I have a few screenshots below that give a very minor taste of how the story line is progressing... and im calling it right now; if the truly epic story line continues to progress as it has, I stipulate that FFXIV 2.0 will do at least 1 million copies on it's opening day.  True story.

Now for the images...

NOTE:  Just skip reading from this point onwards if you have not progressed that far into the tale.   For readers who cannot resist, I will endeavor to put up only a handful of images, all which do not have any dialogue within.  Fair enough?

************ MINOR SPOILERS ALERT ************ 

************ MINOR SPOILERS ALERT ************ 

************ MINOR SPOILERS ALERT ************ 

************ MINOR SPOILERS ALERT ************ 

************ MINOR SPOILERS ALERT ************ 

First up... me, having an interesting conversation (or confrontation?) with the illustrious Imperial Legatus Van Baelsar...

After which, our party stormed into the heart of Castrum Novum.  And yep, I was in a ferocious raging mood.  I mean, I haven't even seen Ishgard, I haven't obtained my Darklight Cowl, I haven't made my 100 million gil... and now the Raven wants to burn the house down?    Darn right I want a word with you, you bloody muppet... why you mad, brah?

And our most famous villain gave me that look like... "WTF?  Who the (bleep) invited you to crash my crash party?"

Speeches... speeches... speeches.  But dammit, I really do want that armour... gotta hand it to him, he's got style...

Indeed he's got style and knows how to pwn.  Thus our Imperial Legatus Nael Van Darnus of House Darnus then proceeded to effectively put me in my place right thereafter.  That bastard is not only completely insane but he's one truly powerful son of a (bleep)!...

Afterwards, he simply strolled right off into the sunse--- ahhh no... he strolled right into the fire like a true baus. Yep.

So yeah, even more questions erupt from my mind as I stagger upright and drag myself back home to Limsa.   As always, yet again I glance up at the sky in confusion... and Dalamud continues to give off that mysterious red glow which underlines to us that it is something so much more...

I had to spend the rest of the evening getting drunk with the Admiral (again) in order to recover from my bruised ego.   BTW, most of my commentary included with the above pics are just for fun and are intentionally done to maintain most of the suspense.   In the meantime, I also found a youtube video containing all the cutscenes for Limsa lominsa.

I will post up more interesting stuff over the next few days and until then, happy gaming and be well.

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