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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New 2.0 Trailer Revamped!

... And Yoshi-P explains the details and concepts behind the tweaking of the trailer in his 33rd letter on the Lodestone.  Excellent new information and Patch 1.23a goes live next  Monday on August 13th.  But first, the new trailer...

I like this voice over much better and the whole video feels much more like a Final Fantasy trailer.  By the way, I wonder if their PR department are going to eventually bring out a new commercial like the one they did back in 2010...

That's all for now great people and thank you for your awesome comments via email... much appreciated!   I also went ahead and edited this blog post after reading Yelta's keen comments below and discussing an idea with a few friends in-game.

Basically, its something that I have been wondering about recently ... and after watching the above commercial yet again, it got me thinking about how linkshell-specfic gear could help exhibit the sense of unity we see in the video.

'Course, it got me wanting to sketch the beginnings of the idea in my head and I thought... "Ello ello, this suggestion should also go on the Lodestone, innit?".  Here are some of the sketches (please remember that the Final Fantasy XI and XIII-2 images used below remain the sole property of Square Enix; while the hand-sketches are entirely mine and should therefore be adequately credited if used for FFXIV-fan related stuff.  Much thanks)

 This first one was derived from Lightning's wicked "goddess armour" in FFXIII-2

The other idea I sketched up was the "shoulder shield + arm gauntlet combo" which I derived from the Nuevo Cosette armour in FFXI

So yeah, like I posed the question to the devs on the suggestion board... are these feasible? Can we have these happen, Yoshi-P?

Until later, be well everyone.


  1. I don't think I ever saw that commercial before!

    1. Good to see you Yelta! Yes, the commercial ran back in 2010 and I even posted it on my blog back then (although that user has removed the video)...