The Resonance of Eorzea

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Magitek Mounts... and Biggs + Wedge?!!

This is why we love it when Ferne gives us awesome hints, alleged allegations, and crispy confirmations.

From his latest update on the ARR Developers Blog we finally have a more concise hint as to the identities of the three riders from Yoshi-P's Live Letter VI (which created such a buzz that I didn't even need to update my blog with the news about the FFVI theme being used to show us the Magitek mounts in action)

And thus, we have it that Biggs and Wedge are indeed in the video...

You guys remember when I asked on my blog (about a couple years back) if we would see Biggs and Wedge in this installment of Final Fantasy?   And now it seems we have them in-game!  Are Yoshi-P and his crew the very definition of awesomeness or what?

Totally love how they are using the FFVI theme (one of my favourite in the FF series), and HiirNoivl from the Lodestone forums also posted this up...anyone remember this...

Still totally chuffed that the Devs have added them and I can't wait to do missions and quests relating to these trio.   And last but not the least, the great Soken added the latest sample hearing of Ul'Dah's BGM on the blog (since the 27th of March)... awesome, awesome, awesome!

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