The Resonance of Eorzea

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ferne Obtains Odin's Mount, Sleipner!

Awesome Ferne has hit us yet again with another tease on the Dev blog... nah, not on the Lore (I wish!)... but with the spiffy new image of Odin's mount being brazenly ridden in the Ul'Dahn deserts...

Well, okay... sure it wasn't him and it was just the mysterious "Project M" messing with tools... but still... could this be a hint at future mounts? I totally want... and I may get annoyed looks from my Chocobo and Magitek but I totally want.  Yep.

And that's not all... Ferne had also posted up a previous blog on the 21st of June regarding some spectacular artwork...

Spiffy, innit?  Until later, take care and be well!

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  1. The Sleipnir is just awesome :)

    I'm also in love with the awesome artwork, I hope they'll post more of those :)

    Best wishes!

  2. Thanks for the comments Livify and yes I totally agree that the artwork is spectacular. I'm hoping that these make their way into the Collectors Edition's art book. Be well!

  3. Hey look! Livify made it to Pharaoh's neck of the woods! Pharaoh what's new? Any big news?

  4. (Laughs)... no real big news just yet Dan; other than the fact that I keep trying to check Ferne's FFXIV official Dev blog like twice a day. That, and me constantly trying to update the BGM music on this blog.

    You may not be aware but over three years ago, a childhood friend of mine was in hospital and she liked checking this blog for FFXIV related news... so to cheer her up, I added some of her favourite instrumental music on here and within a couple weeks I got quite a lot of encouraging emails. Was surprised at how many people liked the tunes, so I just kept swapping them now and again based on requests.

    Right now, I'm thinking of adding this one by Oscar Araujo (titled "the Titan") because it perfectly reflects the kind of theme song I'd like for my character once ARR launches...

    Yep, that sounds like me... it emphasizes constant evolution, a desire for power and something that cleverly exhibits the concept of "I'm coming for you". Indeed, Bahamut better prepare himself for decimation... our Sensei Louisoix must be avenged.

  5. Creepy, Dan sees everything! :D

    That's a nice story of your friend! I like the BGM a lot aswell, specially Serenata Immortale <3 You should definitely add the new song you linked aswell, I like it!

    Btw, I wanted to ask if you are interested in a link exchange with my blog? :) I really wanted to sent you a private eMail for that, but I couldn't find any adress, so sorry that I'm spamming you here ><

  6. Done... Serenata Immortale has been duly pushed to the top of the playlist for the next few days. It was up there during Xmas I think but I guess its time to place it back there... besides, its one of my personal favourites. Truly is.

    Araujo's "The Titan" has already been added (you saw that coming, right? lol). It's so perfect for my character that I find myself listening to it almost every few days now.

    Also done is adding your's and Dan's blog on the links here... and yes please feel free to add my blog to your link exchange. Yep... lets all keep getting the word out about this gorgeous game.