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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Magitek Armour Mount is utterly AWESOME!

Indeed great ladies and gentlemen... I have to shamelessly show off the pics of my brand new Magitek Mount...

Yep, that's mon, right in front of our beloved Limsa Lominsa.

I wanted this beauty for so long that i'm still quite stoked about finally obtaining it.  I cannot and will NOT go into further details about how to obtain this on my blog in order not to unleash a lot of epic spoilers... I respect all you readers too much enough to maintain the suspense.   And trust me, the storyline is truly excellent.   Spectacularly excellent and now I cannot wait for the further expansions.

But that said, the Magitek mount itself is lovely... it looks great, rides great (as fast as the other mounts) and its size just makes it majestic.

Another great elegant mount that I also obtained is the Unicorn mount...

Thanks dev Team... I'm truly ecstatic right now and now I need to head back in-game.   I will always keep updating with spoiler-free pictures as I continue my wonderful journey through this magnificent world.  Until later, be well everyone... and happy gaming!

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