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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Live Letter XI, the 2.1 Patch notes... and a shock!

Indeed, as we all know Yoshi held his eleventh Live Letter which exhibited several of the new features coming the game in patch 2.1 (on Dec 16th-17th).

Technyze has a recording on Twitch with subs by good ol' Reinhart; while Abriael from dualshockers once again made a great gallery of screenshots from the Live Letter.  Here are some of his screenshots of the (PvP Frontline?) armours posted below...

I found it curious that Yoshi was dressed as a Ninja... something sinister must going on in the Dev room... or is that a subtle hint at a future ninja job-class release?

Also, Bayohne updated the Dev blog with pics of the new city-state leader minions

By the way, the patch notes are HERE... and I must say it is very very extensive... cant remember any game I played that had that much stuff.  Feels like a mini-expansion at approximately 3 GB in size.  Spiffy innit?

Unfortunately, as you have all heard by now, the real shocker are the extremely exuberant prices for housing.  Not even my economic graduate-level courses have been able to help me figure out how the Devs came up with those numbers.  Its mind boggling insane.

Right now, I've quietly decided that I'm not purchasing housing at all.   Period.   besides, I already have a few private places of my own on the game, and that is sufficient enough for me.   In the meantime, for the patch, I just want the Crystal Tower and my much awaited long hair style (as shown back in the summer)...

Until later everyone, be well.

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