The Resonance of Eorzea

Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Jobs Astrologian and Machinist

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen... thanks for all the emails during Thanksgiving and yes, as many of you have guessed, I have greatly stopped visiting the official FFXIV forums.    My patience with the whiners there have finally expired; besides, I always have waaaaaay more important (and intelligent) conversations with people in-game.

That said, lets get straight to jobs, race and areas shown for Heavensward.  And thanks yet again as always to Giuseppe Nelva from Dualshockers for swiftly putting up these spectacular screenshots from the fanfest in Tokyo...

The new race Au Ra from Othard... and here's a tad bit of a spoiler... Yugiri is an Au Ra.  And Im calling it now; I think a male relative of Yugiri will be directly involved in the job class quests for Dark Knight.  A brother?  An uncle?

Anyway,  I think I'm totally sold on switching my race from Elezen to Au Ra.  Hmmm, thus my blog shall have to be renamed "The journald of a Au Ran?"  We shall see; but for now, here are the videos that Dualshockers put online...

Heavensward by Abriael

Video for the Dark Knight job class...

Heavensward2 by Abriael

Video for the Machinist job class...

Heavensward5 by Abriael

Video for the Astrologian job class

Heavensward3 by Abriael

the new Dragon mount...

Heavensward4 by Abriael

And on that wonderful note, Happy Holidays and Have A Nice Day!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XVIII

Yep... and its unfolding right now as we speak
  • Patch 2,45 is on December 9th, 2014
  • Eternal Bond (marriage) ceremonies also on its way
  • Easier methods of crafting high level crafting gear
  • Buffs for Dragoons and an incoming nerf for Ninjas
  • Next stage of Relics incoming... will possibly feature new style of weaponry
  • Stonekin II for White mages and Scholars (casts Stoneskin on the entire party)

  • Heavensward raids will feature a Normal and Hard mode
  • Same information shown at Vegas and London was shown again
  • 3.0 will feature Direct X 11
  • Limit break unique to every class
  • Adjustments to skill and spell speeds
  • More solo content with features of joining NPCs to crawl through dungeons (similar to escort quests from FFXI or more like the Campaign battles also from FFXI?  Dunno... we shall see)
  • More content for Free Companies to play together as a group
  • More Frontlines map in patch 2.5
  • Mac users may be able to get a version of FFXIV:AAR (up to patch 2.5) by March 2015

Thats all folks... will post more as I get more information.   And on that wonderful note, Have A Nice Day!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yoshi announces Flying Mounts for 3.0 at the London Fest!

...And it is beautiful.  Thoroughly beautiful.

FFXIVIshgard by Abriael

FFXIVFlyingMounts by Abriael

Superb thanks to Giuseppe Nelva (Abriael on the official FFXIV forums) at Dualshockers for swiftly putting this up on Daily Motion

There will also be solo airships (me very VERY happy now... all I need is a "Sky-Pirate" job class and Im all set)

Speaking of new jobs, Dark Knight was officially announced as the first new job class for 3.0... indeed, we all saw that one coming after the hints at the Vegas event.  Looks very spiffy...

Now we can start speculating on what the second new class will be... and after seeing the 007 T-shirt that Yoshi was wearing, methinks we shall finally get Musketeer.     Anyway, new beast tribes are also announced; the Vanu Vanu, the Gnath and their respective new Primals Ravana and Bismark.  By the way, Bismarck does loosely remind me of the flying creature "airship" (Ba'ul) in Tales of Vesparia.  Hmmmm...

Note that the Gnath are almost exactly like the Ururan-Yensa race from FFXII!!!   I'd recognize those bastard critters anywhere.   Look at the first image (the one of the Gnath) and then compare with the next image below (the Urutan-Yensa of the Sandseas in Ivalice).  Awesome, ja ja?

Also shown were some very spectacular images of some new cities... could this be Shalayan???

Inbetween hering the news of the mounts and the new jobs, Im definitely getting the Collectors Edition for Heavensward when it releases.  Definitely.   Will add more information as they become officially available.  Until later, be well everyone