The Resonance of Eorzea

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2.2 Patch Notes and just... stuff.

Its almost ironic how I finally found time to update the blog just when maintenance occurred... it might also be because I'm still slightly jet lagged after returning from London earlier this week.  That said though, the full patch notes for 2.2 were released around 3am Central USA time this morning and by the gods... its a heck of a dozy... but its solidly packed with a lot of wonderful elements to keep us occupied for a significant amount of time.

First up, the new Eorzea Collection 2014 has already been up for a few days on the official Dev blog; and it showcases a vast number of the new gear...

In addition, the hairstyles have me well chuffed... and several readers will remember that I've been hoping for more long-haired options for the Elezen for the longest time.  Well, Yoshi and his Devs finally delivered...

And the new tidbit about more buildings being added to Mor Dhona makes me wonder if that zone will eventually become a full fledged city of its own in time to come...

Then there are the mounts..

And some new gear that can now be crafted and dyed...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Live Letter XIII video!

Yes indeed great ladies and gentlemen, TroyBorg has been exceptionally generous in recording the Live on his YouTube channel, with translations overlay done by the great Reinheart.  Much much much thanks guys!


Part 2

Part 3

In addition, the patch notes for 2.2 are also released.  And of course, here are some screenshots from the Live... that white lion mount looks wondrous.   Thanks to Probound on the Lodestone forums for the pics

Seems it will be obtained through Paladin related-quests, so I guess its time to drag my Paladin gear out of storage, dust it off and get back to tanking.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Patch 2.2 Trailer Released

Yep...and its epic.

By the way, make sure to watch the video to the very end... the VERY end.

The official website has also launched and release date is March 27th. Lots of solid new lore and information there, plus the Dev team were generous enough to give us a sneak glimpse of three of the new gear...

I think my Spring Break vacation needs to coincide with that release date. Yep.  Until later, be well everyone

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