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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Expansion 3.0 named as FFXIV Heavensward!

To be released Spring 2015

And our favourite Hyur hero "Derplander" is back.  Yep.

News from the Fanfest in Vegas explains the following:

The long wait to access Ishgard is over...  it will be open and there might be new floating continents.   Most importantly, there will be dragons.  Thanks to Aquelia Chan who posted these up on You Tube

Oi blimey... and it looks like the AF2 is indeed to be released in 3.0 because that's definitely  the Dragoon AF2 that our hero is wearing in the video.  Seems there is hint that it will be a cross between Warrior and Dragoon to give Dark Knight?

Hmmmm... we shall see.

We'll also get a new massive area referred to as "The Dravanian Forelands.  The general theme of the game will evolve into a darker and more sinister look (Finally!); plus we get a level cap increase from 50 to 60.

There will also be a new race (yugiri's people, I presume?)... and apparently, we shall also see a new place called the Chocobo Forests.   There was also mention of new primals (can we hope for a mechanical Alexander?    yep.... Alexander.  Could it be that the Garleans finally developed their own Elder primal in the form of a huge floating mechanism?

New Airships galore could only mean we finally get our very own airships?  I can finally become the sky pirate I always wanted to be?

Spiffy... one hundred percent spiffiness indeed.

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