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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yoshi announces Flying Mounts for 3.0 at the London Fest!

...And it is beautiful.  Thoroughly beautiful.

FFXIVIshgard by Abriael

FFXIVFlyingMounts by Abriael

Superb thanks to Giuseppe Nelva (Abriael on the official FFXIV forums) at Dualshockers for swiftly putting this up on Daily Motion

There will also be solo airships (me very VERY happy now... all I need is a "Sky-Pirate" job class and Im all set)

Speaking of new jobs, Dark Knight was officially announced as the first new job class for 3.0... indeed, we all saw that one coming after the hints at the Vegas event.  Looks very spiffy...

Now we can start speculating on what the second new class will be... and after seeing the 007 T-shirt that Yoshi was wearing, methinks we shall finally get Musketeer.     Anyway, new beast tribes are also announced; the Vanu Vanu, the Gnath and their respective new Primals Ravana and Bismark.  By the way, Bismarck does loosely remind me of the flying creature "airship" (Ba'ul) in Tales of Vesparia.  Hmmmm...

Note that the Gnath are almost exactly like the Ururan-Yensa race from FFXII!!!   I'd recognize those bastard critters anywhere.   Look at the first image (the one of the Gnath) and then compare with the next image below (the Urutan-Yensa of the Sandseas in Ivalice).  Awesome, ja ja?

Also shown were some very spectacular images of some new cities... could this be Shalayan???

Inbetween hering the news of the mounts and the new jobs, Im definitely getting the Collectors Edition for Heavensward when it releases.  Definitely.   Will add more information as they become officially available.  Until later, be well everyone

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