The Resonance of Eorzea

Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Jobs Astrologian and Machinist

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen... thanks for all the emails during Thanksgiving and yes, as many of you have guessed, I have greatly stopped visiting the official FFXIV forums.    My patience with the whiners there have finally expired; besides, I always have waaaaaay more important (and intelligent) conversations with people in-game.

That said, lets get straight to jobs, race and areas shown for Heavensward.  And thanks yet again as always to Giuseppe Nelva from Dualshockers for swiftly putting up these spectacular screenshots from the fanfest in Tokyo...

The new race Au Ra from Othard... and here's a tad bit of a spoiler... Yugiri is an Au Ra.  And Im calling it now; I think a male relative of Yugiri will be directly involved in the job class quests for Dark Knight.  A brother?  An uncle?

Anyway,  I think I'm totally sold on switching my race from Elezen to Au Ra.  Hmmm, thus my blog shall have to be renamed "The journald of a Au Ran?"  We shall see; but for now, here are the videos that Dualshockers put online...

Heavensward by Abriael

Video for the Dark Knight job class...

Heavensward2 by Abriael

Video for the Machinist job class...

Heavensward5 by Abriael

Video for the Astrologian job class

Heavensward3 by Abriael

the new Dragon mount...

Heavensward4 by Abriael

And on that wonderful note, Happy Holidays and Have A Nice Day!!!