The Resonance of Eorzea

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Trailer for patch 2.5 "Before The Fall"... finally.

Yeah... the trailer is finally here.

The political intrigue is full of suspense and Golden Saucer plus the World of Darkness dungeon look absolutely stunning...

Spiffy, innit?


  1. Hope you update soon ^_^ I added you to my blog watch. I hope you won't mind me adding a link of your blog on mine too :3

    1. Hey Huffy, sorry for the long draught... I've been so busy in real life that I got sidetracked from updating often. I have just updated today with the new Heavensward trailer and images from Live letter XX.

      And yes, I'm honored that you linked the blog... much thanks and I will do the same on your blog.