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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Finally... the first Heavensward official opening movie

Been a while, innit?   Amelia has continued to demand that the BG music on the blog stays put... and so it shall because she is finally back to jogging three times a week.   That's the fantastic news I wanted to share first...I still dunno how she keeps healing that knee so fast but she keeps insistsing its the music here (especially "Serenata Immortale").  Thus, I can only happily oblige.

But more of that later... the Dragoons in the new Heavensward movie look absolutely phenomenal and Nobuo Uematsu's theme music is excellent.

Derplander has certainly come into his own... just wondering where the rest of his crew are.  Also, as per Amelia's request, here is the Flames of Truth video with Louisoix being epic...

Cygne on Reddit was again brilliant in providing the translations (in google docs) to Yoshi's Live Letter XX that was held today.   I think riding those flying Griffin mounts (shown in the Live) will make an awesome reminescence of the flying griffins in the Log Horizon anime + manga.

By the way, here are some of the screenshots from the Live Letter

More info later.  Until later, be well everyone

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