The Resonance of Eorzea

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Patch 3.1, the Maiden's Rhapsody and the Feelz

Ahhhh... Yoshi P and his cadre of epic Devs really worked our emotions on this one.   They really did... and it absolutely deserves a resounding applause.

The FFXI event on the FFXIV started today and it was a fantastic trip down memory lane for me because I was suddnely catapulted back to Aril 2004 when I first started FFXI.

As for the patch itself, it was well delivered and they did not harm my beloved Aymeric (currently my favourite NPC in the game ever since we lost a couple other excellent NPCs by the end of Heavensward).    His voice acting, Urangier (Gideon Emery) and that of Merlwyb's are definitely the best voices in the game at the moment.

There are also some very well drawn artist impressions on Aymeric online.  First up, one from Dream Angel Ren on Devioant Art:

Ayemic's role in expanding the lore behind Estinien (in the "Tales of the Dragonsong War") was also very well done and made me respect his character development that much more.  Their friendship is quite fitting and somehow I can see Hauchefant being a third addition to that clique.   Which reminds me, I found a fantastic artwork for him online done by Hot cocoa:

By the way, I thoroughly love the new Hauchy minion and honestly, we should have an Aymeric and Estinien minion as well.

Moving along, Alphy continues to show his maturity and is on tract to becoming the first President of a rebuilt Sharlayan in the future.  Plus of course, Thancred is back (which was expected once we got Y'shtola during 3.0).  Overall a satisfying set of story missions that leaves you wondering how exciting 3.2 should be...