The Resonance of Eorzea

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year and an Eorzean reflection of 2015

Happy New Year and yes it is great to be back.  As my closest friends know, I had been in Paris over Christmas to visit several friends and offer them my utter support; and it was amazing to see the vibrant beauty of the city and its people once again.

And of course it was great as well to return to FFXIV and find some great new information from Yoshi regarding the upcoming storylines for 2016.    He mentioned something about the "Gerun Oracles"...

What is this and what does this mean?  How does it affect our world of Eorzea?  My curiosity is quite piqued and I'm looking forward to this.  In the meantime, Ethys Asher posted up an interesting YouTube video of the Gerun Oracles.

Guess time will tell, innit?   Anyway, once I got back into the game and into the grove of things, I began taking a slew of pictures (especially now that patch 3.15 had gone live).  Also managed to get my relic level to Awoken within a couple days and it was fun running through the scholastic side quests

More shortly guys... new hair style