The Resonance of Eorzea

Friday, May 27, 2016

Aww yesss... FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 3.3 - Revenge of the Horde

Looks spiffy... Weeping City of Mhach and the Hulbreaker Hard maps look amazing.  I hope the Devs do NOT kill off my favourite NPC Aymeric though...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Latest information from the Dev's blog...

Indeed, Camate from the Devs Team added some new screenshots regarding one of the new dungeons for patch 3.3.  (specifically, the Weeping City of Mhach which is a part of the "The Shadow of Mhach" questline).

Right here

Spiffy innit...?  And here is something really awesome to really cheer you up with some giggles and all.   Someone named TheMadBear on YouTube uploaded this great music video that uses models of Aymeric, Hauchy, Estinien and the knights of Heavensward that dance.  The video uses the song Higai Mousou Keitai Joshi.   Apparently in english the title of the song is persecution Complex Cellphone Girl (lol) sung bu Shoose and GigaP.

Its epic, its hillarious and I love it... and matter of fact, I shall repost it here for your pleasure and enjoyment...