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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Patch 3.45 notes, "The Citizens of Eorzea Volume 4" and just random thoughts...

Oi people.  Yes mate... like I promised last month, I would be posting up a lot of images, rantings and general blabberings loaded to the gunwales.   Firstly though, the patch.  Indeed, patch 3.45 has come along and the usual patch notes can be deciphered HERE 

As expected, predicted, anticipated blah blah bleeeh, the next stage of the relic quests were implemented.  LightSamus on Reddit was swift in graciously posting some of the relic images online so go to that link if you want to see them

Talryu on Reddit has also already generously uploaded the animated GIFs of the relics

In addition,  I have yet again uploaded a portion of volume four of my "Citizens of Eorzea" collection.  Apologies that it took me a while but as said in my email responses to a couple people... I just didn't have the time.  Running my company while also doing my actual job can be daunting at times... so yeah, limited time to blog.

As always, I must also express my sincere gratitude to many of the players on Excalibur who happily posed for their character faces to be taken and as promised, I never post any names.  It was very heartwarming to also find out that some of these players had been reading my blog for a few years.

To this, I once again say a humble "Thank you".

Now on to the piccys... and yeah, once again, more NPCs demanded to have their mugs taken, so there are a few of them in there for good measure.  I think Regulus had a particularly gobsmacked look for his mugshot-- head cocked to the side as if to say "What the bloody 'ells just happened?".  Spiffy innit...?

Meh, , alright alright... and here's mine.  He's a bit miffed so he's trying to ignore the camera...

Or maybe not... (now he decides to glance at the camera in "Seiyan mode" with a dark evil smirk... notice the sudden hair change?)...

I'm also very pleased when I see other players who do a lot of Eorzean related art online. and thanks to Olivia for pointing me towards the truly talented artworks of Highberry (also known as castanicatheart on tumblr). Check out the site HERE.  Excellent stuff.

Also don't forget to keep checking out Diamondmonea's "FacesOfEorzea" on Instragram (thanks again to Amelia for pointing me there in January or February this year)

These are just a small part of the phenomenally great and wondrous things that players do online...away from the toxic environment of the official FFXIV forums. And they make up a huge 80% majority of the silent player base that Yoshi keeps referring to.

Several times that I have been actually inspired enough to write a suggestion or respond to an idea on the forums (or make a sketch or describe a conceptual idea), I find that the thread has deviated from the original content...or has descended into hedonistic delinquency bordering on pure foolishness of alarming proportions.

There are players that blog their views (sheesh, my FFXIV own blog is over seven years old), players who design incredible artwork, players who create amazing spreadsheets, players who track all sorts of dynamics... or creat detailed databases, correcting lores, RP-ing their characters with really sophisticated writings and so much more.  This is the stuff I sincerely LOVE to celebrate and its what really adds true richness to the FFXIV community.

Heck,..(and since I'm now properly in the ranting mood).. I might as well finally give in to the numerous recent correspondences from a lot of people who have been asking me how I REALLY felt about FFXIV today. Sure there are things wrong with the game right now that I sincerely hope will be addressed in Stormblood.  And off the top of my head, here's my short-list:
  • The tome system is outdated, overwhelmingly repetitive and induces burnout.   It needs a major change and overhaul.
  • The relic system also needs an overhaul.  The Eureka region announced at the fanfest a couple weeks ago sounds fun and I seriously hope it will deliver.
  • The new squadron system is great but at the same time I’m disappointed because it has the potential to be so much more.  Im hoping that they have plans in the future for us to be able to take them on raids and change or glamour their armour etc.  And while Im on that topic, I totally hate the Maelstrom First Lieutenant coat.  That is NOT what was shown in one of the Live letters!  This one is short and not like the lengthy trench coat style shown and I hate it.  Looks crappy.  Hope it changes as we increase in ranks
  • Make us “infuse” old low level gear into our current gear.  Do this in a method that it adds +1 to your stats or something.  I’ve been waiting for a system whereby you can get a powerful lvl 300+ body gear for your mage by going to every main dungeon and collecting all the body pieces and then turning them in.  (Say a list of 12 to 15 pieces).  
  • And then the same for the feet, arms etc.  Again, this will help keep older players playing those raids and dungeons.
  • What other random stuff comes to mind?  I want Rowena’s story seriously expanded upon... her staff of girls, how she operates her business across the realm, her origins, etc 
  • Apart from the Manderville family, she is arguably one of the most wealthy individuals in Eorzea.  How did she do it?  What’s the secret of her success?  Who was the mysterious Ishgardian noble from 1.0 that was her client?
  • Ishgard’s progress since my favourite NPC Aymeric took over... more on this.
  • Wondrous tails is bullshit and a horrible waste of time.  I was absolutely livid when I ran it for the first two weeks.  The Devs are not listening to the sheer fact that players hate the RNG mode and still they added it to this weekly event or whatever.
  • This was a missed opportunity to have kept player interest, for long-term players to help newer players clear content and for a fun method of introducing a solid souvenir from playing Heavensward.  They could have done it like this:
  1. One line gives tomes
  2. Two lines gives MGP etc
  3. Three lines gives the ilvl 250 gear
  4. Do all 16 and you get a powerful lvl 270 piece of gear that is based off the knights of the Heavensward Knightsear.  Every week three types of loot are given, one mage, one DD, one tank of which players can select one.     Thus, if a player wanted to completely gear up his or her tank (accessories included), it would take a good 10 to 12 weeks.  This will effectively keep people happily running the dungeons.
Many times, I find myself reminiscing about the glory days of FFXI; what it got wrong, what it got right and so on. On an MMORPG level, for those of us that started playing it in 2004, FFXI was like one’s first born. You are young, excited, confused and have that exciting sense of mystery that allows you the joy of consistent discovery. For example, back then, I didn’t know where to level, how to make gil, where to find guides and so on.

There was no Facebook or you tube videos to guide us and one of the very few online resources we had was Allakhazam. It is also a mind set… many of us were only young adults when we started FFXI; living in a studio, sleeping on a simple mattress and thoroughly enjoying our real first taste of adult independence. people were great to each other...we helped each other, we did protection squads for new players at Dunes, Qufim and Khazam and so many other great stuff together.

FFXIV on the other hand is like a second child that is born to you in your older and much wiser years. You now have very considerable resources, experience etc.

Meh... enough of that. Back to the list:
  • I still want Omega as a mount!
  • Airship battles… why didn’t we have this?  We got airships introduced in Heavensward and I was excited about the prospect of doing air battles with either dragons or the Garlean forces and didn’t get it.  Can I hope that you let me fight Regulus and Zenos in Stormblood on an epic battleship?
  • Can we have guild houses the size of Pharos Sirius?
  • And can we get more on the sky pirates storyline?
Sigh... there are so many more things i'd like to banter on about but right now I'm tired and have ranted enough.   And on that note, I leave you guys with some more random pictures. Be well.

Yeah... by the way, those last few images of me is to show off my new "Kingsglaive" attire.  Totally chomping at the bit for FFXV now... exactly four weeks to go for both my copies to arrive.  Here is the latest epic trailer just released a few days ago...

Absolutely stunning... yeah?  I have already waited ten years for this game and I know it will not disappoint.


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