The Resonance of Eorzea

Monday, September 4, 2017

Stormblood: Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXVIII

Been a while innit?

First off, the awesome 14-hour broadcast as shown on the official You Tube channel:

  • Patch 4.1 theme title is named “The Legend Returns” and release date is early October.
  • New Main Scenario quests for the 4.0 scenario.
  • New Hildibrand quests and storyline.
  • New Beast Tribe Quests (this time, involving the Kojin which I'm quite excited about... have been wanting more quests related to them and the Ananta)
  • New Level 70 dungeon which is named "The Drowned City of Skalla" to be added
  • New Extreme-level difficulty version of The Royal Menagerie to be added.
  • New PvP mode to be added, dubbed "Rival Wings" which will be between two teams of 24 players–the Ravens and the Falcons. Players  will also be able to operate machina
  • New Alliance Raids for Crystal Tower to be added to the duty roulette. 
  • New Lost Canals of Uznair to be updated with maps that delve deeper into the canals
  • New quests for the Adventurer Squadrons to be added such that we can go dungeon Exploring with them (finally!)
  • And Shirogane housing to be added in patch 4.1 with swimming included.

So yep, lots of new elements being added to the already robust Stormblood expansion.  Btw, below are random images from my screenshot collection... got over 2000+ images from Stormblood so far hence the reasons why I haven't had the time to sort through them yet.

Much more news later... be well everyone

Monday, May 22, 2017

Letter from the Producer LIVE XXXVI Highlights, May 22, 2017

Indeed, one of the longest live letters that I can remember... and a massive bevy of incredible new information.   However, before all the yada yada, here's the new video of the new job class actions...

First off, without just simply regurgitating a bulk of the information from the Live Letter that is already flooded online, here are a few clarifications within the announcements which I find important:

Early access starts at 2:00 AM PST June 16th (which is 10:00 AM GMT or 5:00 AM  EST)

By the way, I'm actually heartily curious about this Daddy of Light FFXIV related series (coming this Fall I believe)...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

FINAL FANTASY XIV - Revolutions video

Excellent... truly excellent.  Not as powerfully nuanced as the Heavensward theme but nonetheless delivered with surprisingly fitting lyrics with a subtle hint of sadness.

As you are all already aware, this was released on May 16th during the server transfers

And Zenos...

Fourth generation royal, ruthless and as pure blooded Garlean as it gets.  Most importantly, he's got swag.

I'm extremely eager to understand this guy, his motives, his ambitions and his apparent sophisticated efficiency as a warrior.  Let's be frank, it is about time that FFXIV gave us a solid new antagonist that was fashioned along the same cloth that produced Gaius.

What would be really interesting is to find out that in his youth, he was a protege of Gaius and had to learn to be hardened and unyielding because his father Varis demanded it.  It is obvious that certain elements in his past would have amalgamated with his soul to nurture his character into what he is today.  Remember this... he is the first progeny of Emperor Varis, a man we all know to be cunningly ruthless; thus, it is absolutely expected that his son would have been fashioned into an extremely keen blade from birth.

Heh... and that confident stride at the end of the video...

This is one of the reasons why I thoroughly like the IDEA of him and what he can bring to the FFXIV universe.   As I have mentioned already in my other posts and on a the official forums, I want a complicated, psychotic yet strangely compassionate character who understands the burden of power... and the responsibility of sustaining the continued longevity of House Galvus.   We could say I'd like to see a character along the lines of FFXII's Vayne Solidor but with the socio-political intuition of Larsa (bloody hell, when are we going to get our own Larsa???).

I can also see him coveting the throne already and if he has to dispose of Varis himself, I'd imagine the Emperor will die smiling knowing that he has produced a son who has the iron will to proceed with such an act.

Lots to think about, innit?

That said, I shall be very frank and forward when I say this:  Yoshi-P, Koji, Devs... I will be absolutely livid if you make me kill this guy at the end of the storyline.

Absolutely livid.

Monday, March 27, 2017

And so Patch 3.56 arrives...

Editing... editing... editing... editing...editing

In response to several players who repeatedly keep asking me for screenshots of my old glamour sets and gear, I finally decided to gather up a bunch of my pics and post them here...

Also tossed in loads of scenery, quests locations, events, obtaining all three Garo mounts, Anima weapon testings and yada yada.   Be rest assured that I was particularly mindful not to post any real pics with potential spoilers and all that...

 And in a effort not to give away any spoilers, who could this be...?

Lots of people have been wondering what I've been playing while taking a break from FFXIV and the most recent game I just finished was Nier:Automata.   As some of you know, I've been a huge fan of the series and was partuclarly fond of Nier.  

Hence, it's no surprise that so far, I have played through to get four of the five main endings... only reason I held off on obtaining the fifth ending is because all we Nier fans are familiar with Yoko Taro's penchant of deleting your saves if you see all the endings.