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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 is here! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone and indeed, 2017 has already started out phenomenally well for me.   Most of the updates intended for posting in December will also be included here (to make up for the brief posting-drought over the Christmas period)

First up, Yoshi P's New Year message is already up (HERE)

Next up, don't forget to order your official FFXIV 2017 Calendar!   As I said before to people in-game, it's already been on sale on the official Square Enix website since late October (HERE).

This year, I thought I'd do something a little more different and compile all the FFXIV New Year images from 2012 till date... and also celebrate the evolution of the Red Mage (upload these below).



Red Mage as depicted in the other Final fantasy games...



Artwork from New Year 2017

Artwork from New Year 2012

Artwork from New Year 2013

Artwork from New Year 2014

Artwork from New Year 2015

Artwork from New Year 2016



The evolution of the Red Mage.  Below is the official concept art for Red Mage in FFXIV... superb

Excellent concept art by various artists around the world:

"Red Mage Concept Design" by Obsy 

"Red mage evolution"  by Taijavigilia

"Viera Red Mage" by kiikii_sempai

Red mage Concept" by artist on Pinterest

Other phenomenal Red mage artwork I found online created by other unknown artists... (really wish I could message these people to praise their talent)...



Moving along, here is the FFXIV and GARO event trailer shown last week just prior to the beginning of the Fan Fest in Tokyo.  I'm thoroughly excited for this...

And with that I leave you all with TheMadBear's YouTube video of "Ultimate Paranoia" to round out this wonderful New Year's Day... yes, eight months later I still shamelessly LOVE this video (I think I've posted this on my blog at least three times now).

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