The Resonance of Eorzea

Friday, January 6, 2017

Patch 3.5 - "The Far Edge of Fate" Trailer

Indeed... and as I've been calling it since October, I reckon our buddy Prince Zenos yae Galvus is a very handsome looking guy beneath the mask (yep... that's definitely him smirking a cunning smile at the very beginning of the trailer).   And I still find it a possibility that he may have been a protege of  Gaius (or so I like to think).  

Methinks this could make a very interesting twist to the story... check this: Gaius is still alive and is mentoring both Zenos and the Griffin to destabilize the Ala Mihgo region while eventually bringing peace to both Eorzea and the Garlean Empire.  It's just common sense that the Garlean citizens have to be exhausted from all these wars by now and Gaius wishes to achieve this.

Lets just hope Zenos' character also has a lot of depth... we need more Garleans on our side in all this madness and I like to believe that Zenos has his own personal an agenda that will bring about peace (or at least a lasting truce).

That said, the trailer is seriously exciting to watch...

Highly anticipatory, don't you agree?   The Griffin is back and I tentatively think he's trying to generate a summoning by using the vast amount of blood that is being spilled at Van Baelsar's Wall.  Since we already know that he owns the eyes of Nidhogg since 3.4, I speculate that he will doubtlessly use this as one of the necessary ingredients to unleash... something.  Rhalgar or Omega?

Time will tell.

Our friend Alphinaud is again showing great intelligence and grit by yelling something that seems to be a dire warning.  Perhaps he has deduced something sinister that the rest of the Alliance have yet to see or he has an inkling that somehow Zenos is involved.

In conclusion, what I can speculate from the trailer is that both the Alliance and the Garleans are after Omega,  the Griffin is setting up a strange sort of ritual summoning that involves the Alliance heading to Baelsar's Wall to unknowingly spill their blood... and our Warrior of Light (good 'ol me) is again called again to put our neck on the line.

Sigh...they better make me Emperor of Eorzea after all this mess.

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