The Resonance of Eorzea

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Yessssss! Samurai! Finally!!!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful trailer... gorgeous and got my blood pressure racing:

Thank you Yoshi-P... you are indeed legendary. Thank you as well to Soken, Foxclon, Bayohne, Gildrein, Triairy, Okipuit, and Hivnre. Thanks as well to the great Akihiko Yoshida and the whole art team. Finally, huge thanks to the ENTIRE Dev Team. All of you are just epic... too impossible to gauge.

As mentioned since last year, Stormblood will introduce swimming ... and maybe we will even get to see "Impossible to Guage" clams return to the dungeons.  Everyone from 2.0 onwards should be able to remember how in the Sastasha dungeon, one couldn't land a single sctarch on clams once they were closed.

Which reminds me of a hilarious post regarding the weird epicness of clams (made by jojopojo64 on Reddit a few years ago)...HERE.   Had me cracking up in laughter and at the time, I had to share the page to dozens of people.

I'm also getting thoroughly excited about how many of my requests, suggestions and predictions on the forums have gradually been coming to fruition.  Here are just a few:

2012:  Request on the forums for Ninja and Samurai
2013:  My request for personal airships to added (this got 12 likes within the hour)
2013:  Predicting the introduction of a Kefka-like character that would be the Garlean Emperor's son
2014:  Suggesting that we get Fenrir as a mount
2014:  Garlean imperial family war of succession prediction

Lore Questions:

Will we have more riddle system of quests like the awesome "Greatest Story Never Told" that tie in deeper to the lore?

Will there be more stories and quests regarding Fourchenault? (Louisiox's son and the father to Alphinaud and Alisaie)