The Resonance of Eorzea

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! And...Cactpot! Yessssss!!!

Indeed, great ladies and gentlemen it is now 2018... Happy New Year and best wishes as we march onward into incredible blessings!

My 2018 already started magnificently for me... great health, great ideas finally being consolidated, friends and family are doing great... and I amazingly just won the Big Cactpot Lottery this morning!  See screenshots below:

Per requests from people in game and via email, here's a quick video and a few photos of my other new apartment in Shirogane that I purchased in October when Kugane housing got was a huge hassle moving from Limsa but it was definitely worth it:

And of course, I will be uploading a full video of my survey of the entire Shrogane housing location later on... it downright gorgeous.  Now for the pics:

In addition, here are a few images of our Free Company's house (also located in Shirogane and in the very same ward as my apartment).   Tossed in a couple images of my persoanl room as well, all done in the traditional Kugane style.  Spiffy innit?  Creu did a truly fantastic job doing the furniture arrangement and he made a wicked bathhouse + sauna room for us.   I'll post up a full video later...

I also had to add images from a few of my Astralagos matches.  I love the mechs... The Opps are understandably cumbersome and the Brutes look... well... "Brutish".  However, do we foresee the future implementation of the Chaser mechs as mounts???  I will absolutely PAY for those!

Sadly, though I enjoyed playing from the moment it was released, it's now it's filled with a lot of difficult idiots who never listen to simple instructions.  Let's just say my Blacklist grew by a considerable amount over the last few weeks.

The Producer's Live Letter Part XL on December 13, 2017 was a great treat (and aptly named XL because it contained so MUCH information!)   And as always, Yoshi and the Devs are getting us suitably excited for the new patch coming at the end of this month.  Mr Happy did a great job consolidating the information from the Live letter... I also give a huge appreciation to Luna and the other translators who worked very hard on this.  By the way, here's his summary video...

By the way, to further celebrate the New Year, here is my personal 2018 Eorzea Collection (will add the remaining 15 or 17 sets -- including the Chocobo suit-- later on)

To wrap things up, I know a lot if people have been asking what I've been up to ingame since 4.1 was released in October and it's quite simple... everything!
  • Hung out with a lot of interesting people... hillarious stuff!
  • I wrapped up the Halloween, Christmas and New Year events
  • Finished the Dark Knight quest (one of my favourite job-class stories till date)
  • Got the Dataqi FATES achievement
  • Levels all my eight squadron NPCs to 60 
  • Levels all crafting jobs to 70
  • Ran lots of Rabanastre till I was fully geared to 340 and I'm now totally sick of it (bring on the next part plaese!)
  • Finished all the Kojin beatman quests and helped a young Auri get his bow back in the process (the look on the young Warrior's face was gratitude enough... had to take that pic)
  • Ran lots of hunts as well... those Mythic books come in handy for also upgrading to ilvl 340
And lots, lots more.  Meh... rather than rant along, here are some random pics...

And on that note, I must go back to joining the New Year festivities with the huge lunch with the family.   More updates later... be well everyone!