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Friday, August 27, 2010

New Pre-Release Trailer & Eorzea Video #5

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Whoa... two new videos today for your viewing pleasure!. First up is the anticipated new FFXIV trailer from Square Enix... highly impressive scenes, sweet visuals, serene vocals, intense graphics... omg, was that Titan?  And and the Twelve, who the heck was THAT with the horned helmet at the end?   Did I just see Judge Gabranth?  Dun dun duuuuuun!

Quite the spiffy trailer, innit?  I'm seriously loving the mysterious dragon madly now... very powerful chap.  Might have to trek it to Sharlayan to find the creature and find out if it is the same one that is shown "wrapped" around the large (crystal?).  Why do I suddenly feel like Sharlayan and Ishgard have a certain history together that surrounds the stewardship (or guardianship protection) of the realm?

SE also uploaded the fifth video in their "Eorzea - Making of a Realm" series on their official You Tube channel.   SE have been globally regarded in high esteem for their intense storylines and their consistent ability to deliver powerful cutscenes that convey the emotions of the chareacters and their environment.

Thus, the developers take us through the basic stages involved in creating the cutscenes in FFXIV... and all the tremendous hardwork that goes on behind the scenes during the motion capture process.

Added below are some of the stunning artwork sketches that the developers used in the video to convey the storyboards... I couldn't upload all the ones I clipped from the video cuz I was knackered.  However, I couldn't resist adding the one with the speeding galleons (definitely a Limsa related cutscene).


Finally, the most exciting piece of news for today is that Open Beta for FFXIV will begin on August 31st, 2010 at 19.00 PDT (September 1, 2010 at 2.00 GMT for European players).  It was just confirmed on SquareEnix's official twitter so get your PCs ready!


Enjoy and please remember that all images, videos and material remain the sole property of Square Enix and and all their FFXIV related content including the Lodestone.   They are posted here as usual ONLY for fansite purposes and created directly from their official video therefore if they are used anywhere else be sure to give credit.  Be well everyone!

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