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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

JeuxOnline Interview and some FFXIV Concept Art

Hello again folks... I had a busy day catching up on several projects hence I'm a little late in getting to this.  Anywayz, just placing an update that the video interview by JeuxOnline at Gamescom 2010 is now up on FFXIVCore (swift as always) ... and thanks as well to MatthieuKioXIV who has just emailed me a direct link to the interview on the JeuxOnline website.

BTW, there is a verbal translation in English that runs with the video, which is spot on in helping readers/watchers understand all the concepts being discussed... makes it all that much easier, innit?

Second spiffy topic today is my promise (in my previous blog entry) to upload some of the FFXIV concept art that I was able to garner from the awesome Eorzea videos.    Yeah, I'm still a nutter for concept art lol... but it is no news that I've always been keen to snap up great images to be used as wallpapers and share them to all and sundry... just always remember to give credit to where you got them and to Square Enix

However, that said, apologies are in order for not being able to doctor out the images that retain the video's somewhat blurry text but as several people know, I'm still messing around with the the GIMP software 9which basically "GNU Image Manipulation program).

It works quite similar to Photoshop but definitely not on the same level... and the difference shows whenever I take screenshots of the images.  The sequence I used in getting the images is quite simple but a little tedious.  Basically, I pause the video, use the print-screen mode to get the screenshot from the official you-tube video... and then crop, resize and enhance them a little.    Not the best quality but I guess most of them still came out spiffy so I guess I can just say... enjoy.



Enjoy and please remember that all images, videos and material remain the sole property of Square Enix and and all their FFXIV related content including the Lodestone.   They are posted here as usual ONLY for fansite purposes and created directly from their official video therefore if they are used anywhere else be sure to give credit.  Be well everyone!

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